Looking for a Natural Pain Relief Solution?

Pain is universal — but pain relief should be unique.

The problem is that everyone feels pain differently. However, the mainstream market tries to put up a universal solution that can combat all problems at once.

Whether your everyday struggle with pain takes you from aisle to aisle looking for the right solution, tailored to your problem, or if you’re skeptical about straying away from the all-natural, HempVita Hemp products may be your solution that helps you stick with the all-natural and pain-free. 

Putting safety and responsibility at the forefront of the company, HempVita keeps our entire brand organic — from our ingredients to our final product

Why Hemp for Pain?

With all the chemical compounds found in OTC pain relievers and oral potent drugs, it’s hard to stay natural when you’re looking for an effective pain relief solution. 

However, hemp is a cannabis compound with significant medical benefits — that helps keep your pain relief organic.

Whether you’re looking for relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms, psychosis, and other conditions, hemp may help. The reason why it’s so effective is that it works with your body in a natural way — cueing in systems that are already in place. 

Targeting your endocannabinoid system, Hemp works with the processes your body already has to help fortify your functioning network of neurons. This process can help kickstart the mental and physical benefits of hemp.

The best part? Cannabinoid can hone in on the power of hemp while leaving the psychoactive properties of THC behind.

Why Choose HempVita?

From production to final product, we keep it safe, responsible, and organic. That’s what sets us apart from other hemp companies out there — as the cream of the crop.

Our manufacturing facilities are the perfect blend of artisan style and fully-automated capabilities. Working with an ISO 6000-rated lab and testing each and every batch throughout the process, we make sure each batch of our products is THC- and micro bacterial-free. 

Why Are We different?

Not only do we have a state-of-the-art facility to back up our product line and claims, but we also are one of the few companies in the industry with a full-time Ph.D. biochemist on staff. That means we have a high-quality expert overseeing our production — at all times.

We also believe in transparency. 

We like to keep it organic. 

We want to let you in on HempVita and become part of our family.

At Hempvita-hemp.com, you can find all of our hemp products in our online store, the story of how we’ve come to be one of Colorado’s best Hemp companies, answers to your most frequently asked questions, and even full-access to our lab reports

Our Story

From field to factory, we’ve kept the entire process as natural as possible. 

With our experience, we believe that organic is the most potent when it comes to product proficiency. 

Which is why we created HempVita: a safe, responsible, and organic choice for your pain relief. 

From the roots of our story, while sitting around on vacation in Bogota, Colombia, to our lab in Colorado, we’ve been with our company and our products every step of the way, from plant to product. 

Who Are We and What Do We Have in Common?

As three friends with a history of pain and problems that could easily be solved with high-quality hemp, we started our journey together looking for a notable solution that kept it all-natural. 

From sleepless nights to stressful days to digestive ailments, we had tested and tried each one of our issues against the potency of hemp. 

However, despite the belief in the product itself, we couldn’t find the high-quality hemp products that delivered what was promised. 

Enter HempVita

We wanted to create a superior hemp brand that finds the best of the best in high-quality, non-psychoactive, THC-free, organic hemp. 

We’ve developed into a trustworthy company specializing in Colorado-grown, superior, organic, and THC-free hemp. We offer our products (especially hemp for pain relief) in various tinctures, salves, lotions, pet treats, and vape juices

With our in-house biochemist and quality control team, we aim to bring you the best Colorado has to offer in hemp to enhance your health and wellness.  

Our Hemp Products for Pain-Relief

Everyone feels pain differently — so why should there be just one solution?

Depending on your ailment, we offer a wide range of products that can help tailor treatment to your pain. 

From our beverage enhancing shots to our edible gummies to our muscle gel and balm, we have a unique set of products to help you figure out which one works best for you. 

On our product page, you can find all of our products available to choose from. We hope that there’s something fit to help manage your pain. If you need help being directed to a particular purchase, please follow the link to contact us here or give us a call at (866) 756-5274.

Our HempVita Hypothesis

For quality, American-grown hemp, we want to present you with high-potency and loyal products — which is why we don’t advertise HempVita as just any hemp brand. 

At HempVita hemp, we are committed to providing you with the highest potency, fullest-spectrum hemp products on the market. 

Each and every one of our products is American-grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, processed to the highest standards.

In our labs, we utilize a Co2 extraction process and begin with raw hemp that contains up to 800 mg of pure hemp per gram. This potency allows us to provide the famed full-entourage effect of all the terpenes and additional cannabinoids while removing all the THC.

This unique method of production sets us apart and keeps us true to our HempVita Hypothesis.

We’re not just committed to offering you high-quality hemp products. We’re not just a place that promises supervised, high standard growth. We’re not just a brand. 

We’re health.